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Hot Ramen In Dassara - Dassara Ramen, Asian food

In brief, a superb ramen house in Tulsa! I have been here twice and the service, the food, and the place never changed. It is still awesome as the first time I went here. Thank you Dassara for giving us the quality service and food we want.

If you are looking for Asian food, you must go to Dassara. This one is the best place you can ever visit in town. We are walking around finding a good place when we suddenly got attracted of their beautiful and bright facade so we entered this restaurant. We are very satisfied with their services and foods to offer.

I cannot imagine how Dassara can sell its ramen for low prices and still have the high-quality ramen that everyone enjoys. Their most popular one is good for its price. It is served hot and fresh. The soup is flavorful, the meat is really great, and the egg is hard-boiled instead of soft-boiled. I can never imagine how they make a profit. They deserve to higher the price of their ramen. It is worth visiting when you are in the area.


This is probably the most affordable ramen house in the city. As a night shifter, I used to eat here before I go to my work. I sometimes go in the afternoon if I don’t have work. The place was introduced by a friend and we liked it so we introduced it to other friends until the ramen here became our comfort food and place became our hang out venue. We went back here recently and their ramen was still good as before.