This is our FAQ page. Find the answers to the most asked questions in our site. Please read below before sending us one to save you the time and the effort.

FAQs - Hot Ramen In Dassara - Dassara Ramen, Asian food

Q. How to order ramen using your website?
A. Just click on the menu section and you will find various kinds of ramen dishes where you can pick your order. To add or omit ingredients on your food just use the minus and plus sign you can find at the check out page. Then, just simply send us your order along with your request, if you have any. Do not worry about the process of ordering, it won’t be hard for you since this site is made to make the process so much easier.

Q. Where can I pay and what is the mode of payment?
A. Payment can be done through our delivery man. We only accept cash at this time.

Q. What are your business hours?
A. We open our doors at 11 am and close when we sell out of our ramen bowls from Monday to Sunday. We are currently serving limited bowls each day and anticipate that this will bring our closing time earlier than you have thought.

Q. Why do you serve limited quantities of ramen each day?
A. It is because we made our noodles from scratch because we want them fresh daily. We don’t rely on any preservatives. All the ingredients are guaranteed fresh from the farm and the noodles are made on the same day. Even our broth is cooked on the same day so expect that our ramen is hot and fresh always.

Q. Do you take reservations?
A. Unfortunately, we do not accept any reservations as we have a small space in every branch and a limited quantity of ramen. We do first come, first serve basis only!

Q. Are you open during the holidays?
A. Yes, we are open on holidays. We are very pleased to meet you in our Dassara Ramen House.