Tips and Tricks to Replace the Garage Door Springs

Garage door will give you peace of mind by providing security to your vehicle. Nowadays, the garage door comes with the latest technological features to be operated automatically. You will need a remote to operate these garage doors. Automatic garage doors give you more comfort and convince us you don’t need to soak in the rain to operate the garage door manually. Click on the link to learn more advantages of automatic garage doors.


If you want to enjoy a smooth garage door operation, it is compulsory to pay special attention to its spring system. These springs provide a powerful tension that helps the door to open and close smoothly. If the garage door springs do not work properly, you have to repair or replace them as soon as possible. The following are some important points that should be kept in mind while dealing with the broken garage door springs.

Before attempting garage door spring replacement, you have to measure the old spring to get an idea about the right length of the new spring. Garage door springs are available with different sizes and weights; you have to choose the one that matches the old spring. You should have to adopt all the safety precautions while dealing with these dangerous components of the garage door.

After getting the right measurement of garage door springs, the next step is to purchase it. You can consult with any reputed and registered garage door company near you. They will also provide you good information about the garage door spring installation process. Now you have to use the appropriate sized wrench or socket to remove the two cones from the end of broken garage door springs. be careful here, removing the garage door spring before releasing its tension can be very dangerous as it can cause serious head injuries or even death.

Once you removed the old garage door spring, you have to install a new spring, make sure that you have tightened up the ends of cones completely. To complete this process successfully, you need two metal rods and winding tools. These tools will help you to mount the tension back into the new garage door spring. To achieve excellent results, it is good to follow the manual instructions provided by the manufacturer.

After the successful installation of garage door spring, you have to check the other parts of the garage door to protect them from upcoming problems. You can do it by examining the garage door assembling thoroughly. Since the garage door is operated with two springs that are mounted on both sides of the garage door. You have to confirm that the other spring is not affected. If you feel anything wrong, replace both the springs at the same time to save the additional expenses to be spent on future replacement work. At the last, perform garage door maintenance and lubrication periodically to keep it functional forever.