About Us

Before we have started the business, we know that ramen is one of the most popular foods in Asian cuisine. That does not change until today. In fact, ramen is very in demand nowadays especially to the people working at late hours. Because ramen is a comfort food of many and ours is the best one, we have sought ways to bring it right at your doorstep.

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One of the reasons why we created our website is to be known all over the world and for our customer to be able to easily locate us and order food from the comfort of their homes or offices. You can also learn everything related to ramen here as we provide weekly blogs about it. We want you to discover how excellent our ramen is.

Dassara Ramen is spreading the awesome taste and good quality of ramen throughout the world. Knowing that our ramen is gaining a lot of attention because more and more customers keep coming to our stores and website, we are more than thrilled to give you more of our services and provide you with the tastiest ramen in town. Rest assured that Dassara will serve only the best quality of ingredients to be used in our ramen that will be served to our dear customers.

Dassara strives to reach out to you to provide you with a more convenient way of ordering our ramen online. We use the simplest tool for you to process your order so it will not be a hassle to go outside anymore and find the best ramen. Choosing the ingredients in your ramen is one of the most satisfying services in our ramen house so enjoy and create a new and unique taste of your own ramen in Dassara.

We are proud and grateful in spreading our word about ramen. You can see our stories in different blogs, articles, news, and even magazine. We have been also a guest in various food network. Enjoy our ramen and happy eating!